Winter Event [05/12/2016]

Dear Lava community,

we'd like to you our new Winter Event that has much things around our winter content is having 3 different Events

Event 1 : duration 5 December 2016 ~ 10 January 2017 ( 36 days)

Collect XMAS letters from all monsters in game to get a great rewards and have fun with our Winter celebration and win a great rewards ..
enjoy the winter decorations during all map and feel the winter in our game

Event 2 : duration 5 December 2016 ~ 6 January 2017 (30 days)

Hunt White Knights and Princess Miyene and enjoy with amazing drops like (reverse, global , immortal stones, astral stones) they all appear in normal unique locations.

Event 3 : duration 5 December 2016 ~ 6 January 2017 (30 days)

Buy one of Winter Costume from item mall and be one of 3 lucky winner to win 250 Silks
all you have to do is buy the full avatar of (Fur / White Knight) and take a screen shot and send it to our Facebook Page Messages and after event duration ends within 2 days we will have a live streaming choosing the lucky winners .

We hope you'll have fun on our server!
Regards LavaSro-Team

Project introduce [19/10/2016]

Dear Lava community,
we want to introduce you to our new project. First we are gonna present our concept. To be specific, our plan is to adopt some habits from the past iSro game. That means, that we are gonna publish a patch every week/every second week, that will contain new contents and features. Now following are the contents and features that will already be available with the server startup.